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Sound Designer/Sound Editor/Dialogue Editor/ADR Recordist/Re-Recording Mixer

Room 4.1(2019) Directed by Kristján Ingimarsson (All Episodes)

- Ep.16 Ghost Rising

- Ep.17 Ghost Attack

- Ep.18 Tripping Together

- Ep.19 Levitating

DAU film project (2019) Directed by Ilya Khrzhanovskiy (Trailer)

A single project involving 15 feature films and a slate of TV drama series together with a transmedia project.

-DAU 02 Sound Editor
-DAU 05 Sound Editor
-DAU 06 Sound Editor
-DAU 07 Sound Editor
-DAU 09 Sound Editor
-DAU 11 Sound Editor; Additional

-DAU 12 Sound Editor; Additional

-DAU 13 Sound Editor; Additional

Sausage (2019) Directed by Justin Groves

Gone Dark (2017) Directed by Charles H. Joslain 

Monsters in the Dark 2 (2017) Directed by Luke Mordue

Acceptance Part I (2016) Directed by Justin Groves (Trailer)

Urban Legends (2016) Web series Directed by Luke Mordue

- The Back

- The Dog

- The Kidney Heist

- The Smiling Man

- The Strangers Call

- The Girl in the Mirror

The Consequence of Reliving (2016) Directed by Christien Bart-Gittens, Grace Smith 

The Modern Man (2016) Directed by Sergio Jaraiz Lara

The Tooth Fairy (2016) Directed by Tom Turner

Monsters in the Dark (2015) Directed by Luke Mordue

Sidetracked (2015) Directed by Francesco Bori (Trailer)

Lullaby of the Butterfly (2014) Directed by Tonia Mishiali (Trailer)

The Mountain Below (2014) Directed by Andreas Kyriakou

Whispers (2013) Directed by Andreas Kyriakou

Auftakt (2012) Directed by Yianna Tsilidou (Trailer)

A Gleam (2011) Directed by Yianna Tsilidou



      Dubbing, Dialogue Localisation

Dialogue Recordist/Dialogue Editor/Re-Recording Mixer

















Fanboy & ChumChum (Season 1&2)

The Mighty B! (Season 1&2)

The X's (Season 1)


Destination Art Series

Electric Science Series

Euromax_Alacarte Series

Euromax_Design Series

Euromax_Architecture Series

Lonely Planet 6 Degrees Series

Mare TV Series

Ocean Oases Series

Pilot Globe Guides Series

Private life of a master piece Series

Untamed Europe Series

Water Pleasures Series

Web of Life Series


Pantene (Phoenix Campaign)

Head&Shoulders (Superiority Credentials Campaign)

Carlsberg (Rescue Campaign)

Carlsberg (Wedding Campaign)

Head&Shoulders (Ponticello Campaign)




Dialogue Editor/Sound Editor/Re-Recording Mixer

Labous Labous (2018) Directed by James Labous

Invisible Despair (2016) Directed by Emmanuela Alimlim

A journey from yesterday and today

Our Community, our life: The Cyprus Anticancer Society

The Last Homecoming (Making of)

A Fairy Tail

Omilos Laikou


Block 12 (Making of)



TV Commercials

Sound Designer/ Voice Over Recordist-Editor/Music Editor/Re-Recording Mixer


















Conkers Theme Park (2019)

CytaVodafone (Alerts Campaign)

CableNet(1) (2)

Europa Donna (40 years Celebration)

Carlsberg (Best Bar tour Campaign)

Cyprus Airways (1)

CytaVodafone (Alerts II Campaign) (1) (2) (3)

Cytavission (Footballer)

Bank of Cyprus (Pazaraki Alisidas Campaign)

Hellenic Bank (More 4U Campaign) (1)

Marfin Laiki Bank (Passion Campaign)

Hellenic Bank (Student Card)

Hellenic Bank (P-card XMAS Campaign) (1)

Super Star Sunday

EAC (Save Energy Campaign)

Armin Van Buren Concert TVC


AC Omonoia Nicosia (Season tickets Campaign) (1)

Marfin Laiki Bank (Houses For Everyone)

Marfin Laiki Bank (Football Sponsors Campaign)

MTN (World Cup Campaign)

OPAP (Games Campaign) (1)

Phileftheros Sonisphere Competition

Zorbas(Kids Meal Mike Mouse Campaign)


Petrolina (Premium Plus Campaign) (1)

LuckyStar Park

Joan Miro Excebition

Anorthosis Famacousta FC (100Years Campaign)

Universal Life (Growing Up Campaign) 

Occhio Lounge Bar

Charalambidis (Pilates Campaign)

LTV (Whatever you Want Campaign)

Cyprus Airways

Demare Cuccine

Laiki Cyprialife

TV Plus (On Air look)

Shark Energy Drink (Paul Van Dyk)

Cytavission (Football Programes) (1)

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Shark (BeachBabes)

Lemon Park

AHK (Road Safety Campaign)

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AMKE2009 (1)

Minerva (1)


Laiki Insurance (I want it all Campaign)

LTV On Air Look

Alpha Bank (Thoughts Campaign)

Orfanidis(Back to school Campaign)






Christodoulos Procopiou

Sound Designer | Sound Editor