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Chris Procopiou

is a London based Sound Designer specialising in narrative-driven Sound Design with an emphasis on reinforcing emotion and highlighting action. His professional approach employs an amalgamation of organic sound sources derived from bespoke recordings blended together to create a complex soundscape that drives and contributes to the story. His work spans across feature films, documentaries, branded content, and Virtual Reality. 


His most recent credits include DAU Natasha, DAU Degeneration along with other feature films as part of the critically acclaimed art film project DAU. Other notable credits include his work on multi-sensory VR documentary Some Inattention to the Left, and award-winning short films Nothing Ever Happens, Acceptance, and A Girl.




When I'm not busy with other projects, I like to get out of the studio and record any sound that makes my head turn. Most of these sounds find their way into projects that I am working on or end up in my sound effects library to be recalled when needed. As a professional and audiophile, I believe in the unconditional sharing of stimulating information, and that is why I always offer these recordings to people who might find them useful in their own projects. Learn more about the recording process on my blog and check out my mini sound effect libraries.

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