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Jet Airliners - Free SFX Library

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

One of the drawbacks of living in a big city is the noise pollution that surrounds us. Most of the people eventually tune out of this pollution, without even realising it. We become accustomed to the world’s commotion and most of the times we barely notice it. The constant noise of cars, buses, trains and aeroplanes seamlessly blends in our daily routine.

It was a cold winter night when I first heard the aeroplanes from inside my room more clearly than ever before.

I had recently read a blog post by Paul Virostek (Airborne Sound, Creative Field Recording) which outlined his experience in recording Jet Fly Bys. This immediately explained my sudden intrigue. Virostek mentioned a flight tracking application which gathers information about each jet. Without thinking twice, I searched for a similar app, grabbed my recorder in one hand and my jacket in the other and headed outside to locate the sounds. Needless to say how cold it was, as I stepped outside I saw a jet flying not far from where I was standing. I placed my recorder on a tripod and started recording.

What started as a spontaneous venture ended up being a two-hour recording session during which I was lucky enough to record various slow by jets with minimal interruptions, other than the distant city rumble and the occasional police siren.

You can find these recordings in my mini library and use them in any creative project you might be working on, for free. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, it would be great to know where those aeroplanes landed.


Download Links:



Equipment used:

Sony PCM D100

96 kHz, 24bit stereo .wav files


Soundminer, BWAV

Universal Category System (UCS) compliant (updated October 2020) Airborne Sound

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1 Comment

Nikolas Prokopiou
Nikolas Prokopiou
Jul 25, 2020

perfect SFX library. Great work..Thanks

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